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10 tips to take good care of your skin during this summer !

Mari Cruz Santos

Posted on June 10 2017

With these 10 tips you will be more then ready! 

  1. Protect your skin from UV / UVA rays, use sunscreen. Apply the product at least 15 minutes before exposure and repeat every 2 hours.
  2. Avoid sun between 12 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon, because at that time the rays are stronger. If you can not avoid, use hat, sunglasses and if possible light and fresh clothing that covers the most delicate parts and avoid sweating.
  3. Moisturizing: drinks liquids as well as antioxidant foods rich in vitamin A C D rich (fruits, red, citrus, whole grains, blue fish, carrots or green tea juices.
  4. Avoid soda, these drinks are full of sugar and dehydrate the skin.
  5. Cleaning of the robe twice a day since in summer we sweat more and the pores can be closed causing the appearance of granites.
  6. Exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and allow their regeneration.
  7. Moisturizing cream to keep skin hydrated after cleansing and exfoliation
  8. Masks that give extra care to your skin.
  9. Avoid using products that contain alcohol and perfumes, as they can lead to dark spots on the skin.
  10. Watch your skin. If you see any changes in your skin (color, texture, moles or abnormal spots) do not hesitate to consult your trusted doctor.

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And now to enjoy the summer!! :))


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