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The secrets of aging beauty

Eefje Jacques

Posted on March 07 2017

Last weekend I went out for dinner with two close friends. We talked and talked and came to the question that everyone seeks to answer: how to get older and stay pretty, but without visiting a cosmetic surgeon. They asked me: what’s the secret to keeping your skin healthy, young and fresh?

Here are some tips:

The sun is not your friend: Be cautious with tanning and long exposure to sun light. In Europe, there are still many women that do not use a day/BB cream with an UV filter or a sun screen. Too much sun  can and will eventually  harm your skin and leave permanent spots on your face. Sun light also  dehydrates your skin which creates the lines they call wrinkles. A smart girl uses a day cream with a UV filter. Over here you can find some good ones.

Don’t be so dirty: a fresh skin is a clean skin so take good care of your face and body by cleansing them the morning and evening. What helps is to have beauty routine that fits both your lifestyle, agenda and your skin type. If you have a dry skin type, you should avoid toners and go with an oil based cleansers, like the ones from April Skin. A combined skin asks for a combination of cleansers , like a toner and a foam, that hydrates dry spots and controls sebum in the oily areas such as the T-zone. If you have a very oily skin, not to worry,  look for a cleanser that controls your pores and the level of sebum. 

Keep yourself hydrated: not only form the inside but also the outside. Moisturize you skin. Use a good moisturizer in the evening and in the morning. Also, change your moisturizer to match the weather conditions. A heavy cream in winter and a lighter moisturizer during summer.

Enjoy your life: we believe that smiling is the best anti-aging secret. So enjoy life in your own way and take good care of yourself and loved ones.

Have a happy week!


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